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Inside the Hive

Our story

Our humble beginnings

Arcbees was founded in 2010 by Christian Goudreau (CEO) and Philippe Beaudoin (formerly Google and now at They created GWT-Platform, an open source product that helps speed the development of large web applications using Google’s GWT technology.

The tipping point

Arcbees then had the incredible opportunity to present this tool at the prestigious Google I/O conference. Thanks to these favorable circumstances, Arcbees has become known worldwide and has grown from 2 to 22 employees in just a few months!

Today and tomorrow

Over the years, our mission stayed true and the company’s business model evolved.

We grew from technical support for our open source products to an AI-oriented software development company.

Today, Arcbees is recognized for the quality of its development expertise, its structuring data approach and its ability to solve advanced problems by mastering innovative technologies and simplifying them for our clients.

Our reason to be

Our mission is to simplify the businesses of the world.

We are allergic to technological inefficiency and it is our passion to solve it.

Our thinking

The bee, our emblem

It’s no mistake, our Brand is the Bee. A creature obsessed with efficiency, constantly honing its craft, and consistently creating sweet value along the way.

The entrepreneurial spirit

To make this possible, we forge the entrepreneurial spirit within each member of our team. In turn, they do so with whom they engage with. It’s a virtuous circle, a positive contagion.

This is how we attract, train and retain our experts. This is how we do business.


Our people recipe is sweeter than honey

  • Look for potential

  • Build confidence

  • Inspire and nurture the desire to create, discover, and progress

  • Share a collective ambition

  • Respect individuality, your own and of others

We are the

Builders of today and tomorrow

These people are the builders of today and tomorrow. Through them, our mission will endure, evolve and succeed.