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Optimizing emergency medical services


Partners in operational intelligence

When it comes to emergency response, paramedics have significant responsibilities to manage. Préhos was designed to automate the prehospital emergency care chain, including the various actions carried out by paramedics in their day-to-day (mechanical and physical inspections, reports, mapping, real-time data transmission to the emergency department, and more). Paramedics and their employers can thus give patients more time.

Préhos pairs mobile applications to a central management module. This technology allows prehospital emergency response teams to make impressive time and efficiency gains with its integrative paramedic and ambulance activity management system.

Arcbees plays a vital role in empowering Préhos to push forward by providing strategic software engineering contributions and optimized data management infrastructures to support the substantial growth of Préhos.

Our contribution

  • Information Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Management
  • UX/UI Design


Ambulances are available up to 15 minutes earlier for each call. Automating business processes, invoicing, training, and quality assurance, allows emergency response teams to increase their efficiency, reduce human errors, and offer quality care to more people.

Arcbees is the only strategic IT partner that allows us to accomplish our vision. In emergency interventions, lives are at stake. Our solutions must be reliable and efficient.
Christian Chalifour President and Co-founder of Préhos

Actions Taken

  1. Immersion

    More than 500 hours have been invested in and around ambulance vehicles to understand the paramedic field as a whole, allowing us to build and design a solution that will respond to their needs.

  2. Iterative Development

    Given the timely nature of the work involved, finding a solution that met these needs from the first deployment was critical. Therefore, development sprints helped us move forward strategically, and emergency care field staff were involved at every stage to ensure that the solutions our team designed were optimal and efficient.

  3. Integration

    Préhos combines a variety of cutting-edge technologies to offer a broad range of functionalities to users.

  4. Multi-platform

    With adaptability in mind, Prehos was designed to respond to any situation or device: computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Thus, administrative personnel can get the most of their field data, regardless of their location.

  5. Security

    Because Préhos manages patient data, the data had to be stored in a recognized infrastructure and comply with the most stringent safety standards: HIPAA, United States HITECH, European Union DDP, Ontario’s PHIPA, as well as the Canadian PIPEDA. In addition, our team implemented recognized encryption protocols to protect data and communications between terminals.

  6. Extensibility

    Préhos aims to develop several new modules that will communicate with each other. The software architecture put in place by our team helps ensure that the Préhos team has a solid technological base for its growth.

Saving more lives through

Operational Efficiency

The Project’s Challenge

Digitizing a paper process

The severity of prehospital emergency situations, the number of participants involved, and the data’s sensitivity, meant that the digitization of the activities undertaken by Préhos had to simplify this intricate situation. Its development and implementation had to provide a smooth transition. More specifically, the Arcbees team’s agility was key to prioritizing the quality of emergency medical services and preventing any complexities from hampering the proper pursuit of the latter.

By developing the solution in partnership with Dessercom, Prehos’s first client, and immersing our self in the field, our team was able to offer immediate value and simplicity of use. A community was formed around Préhos allowing us to benefit from rich user exchanges and insight as to contextually authentic emergency team and service needs.

Our expertise creates


  • Patients

    Shorter deadlines
    Reduced intervention time
    Improved quality of care

  • Paramedics

    Reduced error risk
    Minimized form production efforts
    Mobilized paramedics
    Improved communication

  • Managers (companies and supervisors)

    Real-time data and archive consultation management tool
    Data archiving (cartography, audio, forms), available through legal remedies
    Easy-to-perform quality assurance and revision
    Major management fee savings

Outlook on the Future

More Modules, More Emergency Services

With these prehospital emergency care partners in place, Préhos is working to develop new modules for new use cases. The SaaS approach adopted by Préhos requires continual platform improvements, which opens the door to long-term collaboration with the Arcbees team.

Creating a prehospital emergency service-specific application gives Préhos the adaptive potential to be used in other emergency service fields, such as law enforcement or fire department services.

With a strategic technological build and a solid value proposition, it is no wonder Préhos is well on its way to becoming a world-class enterprise.

Our clients

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