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Streamline operating systems

Quebec City Jean-Lesage International Airport - YQB

Partners in growth

With a clear vision to redefine airport management practices, YQB recently moved towards a passenger first strategy and invested nearly $ 350 million in infrastructure and improvements at the Jean-Lesage International Airport (YQB). Consequently, airport traffic increased by more than 100 000 passengers (+6.7%) in 2014 alone, an impressive feat after 12 years of consecutive growth.

To sustain this growth, the need for a powerful, secure, and adaptive IT infrastructure was critical. Arcbees, serving as a strategic partner on data management, responded with a cost-efficient and scalable solution.

Our contribution

  • Data strategy
  • System architecture
  • Software development
  • System integration


Integration costs were reduced by 25%. With our standardized distribution solution for data between IT systems, YQB saves on integration costs. A return on investment is expected over the next two years.

Arcbees quickly understood the objectives and challenges of our company. They were able to quickly create value within our data strategy and IT architecture. Arcbees have become a strategic extension to our team with which it is simple to achieve results quickly.
Marc-André Bédard Vice-President Information Technology, Quebec City Jean-Lesage International Airport

Actions Taken

  1. Simplify system architecture

    By replacing point-to-point integration with an enterprise service bus (ESB) inspired structure, maintenance and development costs have been reduced.

  2. Improve data security

    Our system removes any possible entry points to be exploited. Despite multiple independent security audits, not a single data leak was found.

  3. Facilitate data distribution

    We opted for a publish-subscribe pattern to handle data distribution. This encourages an open data approach without sacrificing security, allowing YQB to share data with external partners safely.


Airpport Infrastructure

The Project’s Challenge

Infrastructure requirements

The solution had to be available and hosted in the cloud, yet the data resided inside YQB’s infrastructure and no ingoing connection was allowed. In the end, our team came up with an elegant solution: the architecture was to be event driven.

An event driven architecture allowed us to exceed expectations. We could scale horizontally with ease, enabling YQB’s infrastructure to withstand increasing traffic.

Our expertise creates


  • Optimized operations

    Rebuilding the airport’s integration systems has made way for better resource planning and management, effectively increasing productivity and reducing costs.

  • Increased passenger experience

    Using the highest security standards, opening data distribution to outside partners can provide new revenue streams for the airport as well as additional services to better serve passengers.

  • Data-driven and AI-ready

    With the right infrastructure and data strategy, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning within daily business practices is now possible for YQB.

The cherry on top

The platform developed for YQB is now a full fledged product, named Uston, of which the intellectual property belongs to Arcbees. It is set to soon be commercialized in partnership with other airports around the world.

Future Outlook

From Integration to Cognitive Analytics

Our attention now turns to adding a layer of intelligence within our platform. To do so, a feasibility study is underway to measure if machine learning and artificial intelligence would help further optimize YQB’s operations.

Our clients

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