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Brand Experience

Your project needs UX? We work to touch both the minds and hearts of your users.

After all, great technology needs more than engineering.

Human-Centered Research

Understanding behavior and interaction is central to our process.

We use compassion and motivational triggers to answer the needs of all stakeholders involved within business transformation.

Our realisations

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Eye Am

Eye Am is an eye care clinic and boutique that brings together an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, and an optician under the same roof to provide a one-stop shop for all eye care needs.

Online and in-store human-centered customer experience.

The Eye Am care team has a unique vision of its practice: creating an authentic relationship with their clients and encourage them to reveal their personality by embellishing their look and sight.

We devised a symbol that represents the health of the eye and respect for the client’s identity. The promise: See you as who you are, what you like and what you do. Eye Am is therefore a lifestyle brand composed of 8 different styles and personalities.


Brio is a certification of excellence for independent optometrists, united under a common network, to help them stand out from the competition of major chains.


Bring to life a unique optical experience centered on innovation.

Brio is a certification of excellence based on 3 commitments:

  • Improved customer experience;
  • Exclusive technological innovation;
  • Respect for every independent optometrist’s identity.

We created a distinctive and modern symbol that allows Brio to reach their two core targets: Network members and their clients. Our concept: The unique commitments made by each member leads us together towards excellence. Brio offers a different vision of the world of optics that propels members and customers to new summits. Brio is the seal of confidence of Optics. Being a member of Brio is proudly displaying its certification. Far from hiding the brand image of each member, certification supports it and makes it shine.

Brand strategy and Identity system design

We believe purpose and meaning emphasize the brand experience.

We work with you to define your brand’s unique story, positioning and identity. We design living identities system and It leads to engagement and user loyalty.

AI-First Design

Whether it is an interface or a complete brand system, we design experiences for AI-driven technology.

We combine contextual understanding and personalized interactions to drive maximum engagement.

User Conversion

Data-driven strategies are centric to success.

We create, improve and accelerate user conversion rates to help you reach your business goals.