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Software Engineering

Arcbees empowers innovative businesses with effective solutions to everyday challenges

Robust Lightweight Solutions

We design, optimize, and deploy a multitude of software, apps, and web solutions every year. With a collaborative approach, we lead or integrate your team to simplify and speed production.

Your project will be designed using leading agile practices, developed on top of cutting edge technology, thoroughly tested for quality assurance and then deployed on infrastructures meeting the highest industry standards.


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The Quebec Construction Association (ACQ) is the largest employer group in the industry. It represents 17,000 entrepreneurs in the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors, representing more than 120,000 workers.

A member management solution.

The member management module allows users to:

  • Personalize the account of a member;
  • Filter and manage the accounts of many members;
  • Communicate with members (SMS and e-mail);
  • Send and manage appointments and events in a calendar;
  • Manage documents accessible to members.

In addition, a mobile directory of the members makes it easier to access information at any time and on several types of devices while eliminating the use of a paper repertoire.

Finally, the management solution was connected to other platforms used by the ACQ including its billing system, its package delivery solution and its newsletter tool.


The Center of Expertise on Commercial Wood Construction (Cecobois) called upon Arcbees to develop a management tool to facilitate the use of wood in multi-family and non-residential construction in Quebec.

A mobile application to facilitate the work of engineers and architects.

This simple, powerful and esthetic application brings together several tools enabling users to perform calculations in the design of buildings using wood. Using iOS technology, this app contains specific calculators to validate the dimension of wood framing elements. In addition, it verifies the fire resistance value of wood structures in accordance with codes and standards applicable in Canada.


Used by nearly 300 pharmacies across eastern Canada.

A customized internal communications application.

Accessible on all desktops and tablets within the different company branches, this web application includes several modules to facilitate communication between Familiprix headquarters and its various pharmacies. Particular attention was given to the user experience in order to facilitate and adapt navigation according to the different types of users.

With this web application, Familiprix achieved its goals in improving communication within and between its varied locations, significantly reducing the administrative burden on certain head office employees, and thus increasing productivity.


FPInnovations is the world’s largest non-profit forestry research institute. Its specialists needed a platform with technological tools to facilitate their work.

A custom extranet to centralize information.

Accessible via a secure username and password from any computer workstation, this extranet includes, among other things, market research results via a statistical “exporter”, a directory of interactive resources, reports, and other pertinent information.

The management module developed allows FPInnovations to manage all directories and information contained in the extranet, create users and choose which directories they can access. In addition, the management module allows for complete data management and to export them into a CSV file while automatically generating charts.

Laval University

A team from the Research Center of the CHU de Québec and the School of Psychology at Université Laval chose Arcbees for the development of a web application allowing patients with different types of cancer to receive an online and self-administered treatment of insomnia.

A web application to calculate sleep efficiency.

Once authenticated, patients are encouraged to complete six modules within eight weeks, including visuals, video capsules, interactive graphics, and feedback questions. Patients can also complete a daily assessment to calculate their sleep efficiency. Individual instructions and reminders are also communicated online via e-mail notifications.

A management module was developed to allow the research team to manage the contents of modules and export data from one or more patients. Ergonomic and simple, the Web application meets Web accessibility standards (text size, color contrasts, etc.)

Integration and Architecture

We design simple scalable architecture.

Need multiple systems to communicate together?

Our team of experts code for optimal distribution and security allowing you to share your data with the right people and systems.

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Functional Analysis

Have a project in mind that needs evaluation? We are deeply passionate about smart technology and business productivity. The curious minds at Arcbees will happily put their analytical genius at work for your business.

Together, we identify where and how we can create value for you. Then, we set forth a comprehensive plan of action aimed at a positive return on investment.

Simple steps towards great results.

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